Lewis Bailey Health and Fitness


We are the UK’s premier Personal Training team providing a first class service to our clients within our private training studios in Liverpool and Wirral.

Our personal training service is one of the best in the UK providing our clients with a fully bespoke package that includes video exercise plans, tailored nutrition plans and even lifestyle coaching.

We understand that everyone has different abilities, needs and goals hence why our service is fully bespoke and designed to provide you with nothing but the very best in the field of personal training.

We start with a consultation where we find out all about you and discuss how we can help you achieve your goal. Following the consultation a full physical assessment takes place to establish your ability level through sophisticated techniques that allow us to analyse your posture and muscle tension throughout your body.

One we have screened you physically and analysed your diet, we then move onto the next step and create a tailored exercise and diet plan to cater for your ability level whilst moving you towards your desired goal.

We will film a training plan for you to follow at home in between seeing us and we can keep track on your progress outside our studio through the online client tracker. This online system helps us keep up to date with your progress between our training sessions, which, greatly assists you with your healthy lifestyle tasks.

Our complete approach of taking care of you at our private studios and also at your home show the level of excellence we operate at. You simply won’t find many personal training companies in the UK that can match our service.